Used and Refurbished Golf Section

Looking to find used golf balls or refurbished golf balls for cheap? We have compiled a list of places and reviews to make it easier for you to find the best golf ball for your game this 2016. We also have a few used golf clubs and other golf equipment listed in this section. At a average cost of $4 to $5 per new brand name golf ball, used or refurbished golf balls $.24 is not a bad price to spend on this great game! You can get good quality brand name golf balls at a lower cost, with minimal to no blemishes with the refurb process.

If you like to practice and actually have the time to do so, then practice golf balls are always a good option. Some people keep there blemished older brand name golf balls and keep them in a golf ball shag bag, that way they can easily pick them up, while they are pitching and chipping around the green. Or your can shop online at places like, Target,Walmart or your local sports store for their refurbished sections or used sections, to get low cost practice golf balls. Prices and quality may vary depending on brands and companies processing the refurbished golf balls.

Other places to find good deals on used or practice golf balls would be places like yard sales, golf ranges, golf courses and Usually these places will have some sort of section for low cost golf balls that you can buy in bulk. Usually 80 golf balls is more than enough to fill a good quality shag bag, if using a tube, 24 is usually the max they can hold. Would recommend purchasing the metal golf ball shag bag or shag tube, have seen and had multiple plastic versions break over time, especially if you are filling them all the way up with golf balls.