Top 10 Golf Balls 2016

Top 10 Golf Balls 2016

This 2016, we have some stiff competition as we made our top 10 golf balls list for 2016. We have comprised a list of our top 10 golf ball picks, for golfers of all types. From Beginner or high handicapper to the person looking for more distance or better control, we have assembled a great list of the best golf balls for you. We have no stake in any particular golf brand or company, so you will always get our honest opinion. We have also listed your average cost per ball, or ACPB for every golf ball listed, so you can keep your cost down. We would love to have your feedback or your personal top 10 golf balls, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

2016’s Top 10 Golf Ball List:

10. Super Hot 55Long from tee-to-green the aerodynamic design is built for low drag and optimal lift that keeps the ball in the air longer with a strong flight. Reduced hooks and slices for straight shots get ready to hit straighter shots with the soft feel. Low 55 compression lets you compress the ball with soft feel on all shots. $23.95 at ACPB – $2.33

9. Oncore MA 1.0 – The Hollow Metal Core Golf ball!!! Strange as it may seem, these are very nice golf balls! One of the top 25 products at the PGA Merchandise show, makes the Oncore MA 1.0 one of the newest hot golf balls on the market. With a $35 per dozen price point, these premium golf balls are a great deal, for those looking for something new and extra long! ACPB – $2.91

8. Srixon Z Star XV – Combining Spinskin and Speed Dimples, Srixon has give the new tour balls even more control and distance. These premium golf balls are made to the highest quality and for golfers of all types and skill levels. If you are looking for J.B.Holmes type length, this may be the ball for you. ACPB – $3.75

7. Callaway ChromesoftCallaway….the only golf company to have two golf balls on our top 10 list. The Chromesoft at #7 and the Speed Regime at #3. The new Chromesoft, just came available on 2-5-15 and with its dual softfast core and tour urethane cover, allow for better control for more birdies! Great price for a great ball makes this ball #7 on our top 10 golf balls list. ACPB – $3.25

6. Bridgestone B330/B330-s – Bridgestone spares no expense when it comes to data testing and optimizing their golf balls for every player. The Tourcore should give you extra control and distance off the tee. and new SlipRes cover keeps the golf ball looking better for longer. The durability assist in making the golf balls last a little longer. Doesn’t hurt when you have Freddy Couples as one of your spokes people! We love that guy! ACPB – $3.83

5. Callaway Speed Regime 3 – Optimized for swing speeds over 105 mph, this tour quality premium golf ball are aerodynamically engineered to fly for extra distance. This golf ball has a very clean look and hopefully will be available to customers soon. ACPB – Coming Soon

4. Taylormade Tour Preferred/X – 5 Layer golf ball, providing exceptional distance and control with the wedges, brings the Taylormade Tour Preferred models to our #4 spot for best golf balls in 2016. Sergio Garcia has given these golf balls his stamp of approval, so we don’t see why you shouldn’t either. ACPB – $3.75

3. Vice Golf Pro Plus – Very Visually appealing golf ball, giving the Pro Plus #3 spot on our best golf balls list. The Logo is sleek and almost gives the Pro V series a run for overall appearance. Its 4 piece design with Urethane cover along with 336 dimple design, with dual casting, gives this golf ball extra distance and lower ball flight. ACPB – $2.91 – $2.08

2. Nike RZN Platinum – The Rory fan fave, the Nike RZN Platinum is one of the best golf balls on the market. The Platinum is the softest tour quality golf ball that Nike offers. Boasting 13,558 mini dimples, engineered to optimize flight time. The Speedlock X Core assists in optimizing energy transfer, while giving maximum distance and ultimate forgiveness. The Nike RZN Platinum is in a strong fight for the #1 golf ball on our list but unfortunately for Nike, there is the one and only, Titleist in the coveted spot. ACPB – $4.00

 1.Titleist Pro V1/Pro V1xNot much to say that hasn’t already been said about the Pro V series. These golf balls have proven themselves on tour and at our local golf courses for over a decade or more. It is hard to rank any other golf ball higher on our best golf balls list for 2016, until some of the competition can achieve what Titleist has done. These golf balls are the recognized market leader for premium golf balls, and we do not see that changing this year. So Finally our #1 golf ball for 2016 is none other than the Titleist Pro V 1 series. ACPB – $4.50


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