Golf Book Reviews

Looking to fix your golf swing? Want to putt better? Or how about that ever so desired 300 yard drive off the tee? Why not take a lesson from some of the great golfers and golf professionals who have decided to put their wisdom down on paper. Golf is hard enough as it is, why not learn from the best, rather than the hack in your foursome. Everyone is always eager to share or teach what they "know" about the golf swing, and just because they can hit the ball well, does not mean they actually "know" what they are talking about. Most of the golf books shown here can be found in both audio and book format, through, and many times your local library.

We review the best golf books by the best in the game, such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan and some of the best coaches such as Harvey Penick, Dr. Bob Rotella, Dave Pelz and many others!  Read honest book reviews all read by golfers with many different skill levels. These are simply our honest opinions, not payed by any one book author or golfer. We love golf and we want everyone to learn how to play the best golf they can. These books usually can be found in digital download (Kindle or Nook), Audio book, and physical form. Good places to look would be the obvious or your local library is a good resource as well.