The Best Push Cart for Golf and the Money

Best Push Cart for Golf and the Money 2016

The Best Push Cart for golf and the best bang for the buck would be the Caddytek Caddylite EZ. Normally we would only put up reviews on golf balls on this website, however we are so impressed by the quality and fair price of this golf cart. Very sturdy up and down hills, even those hills where we decided to let the push cart go down solo! The Caddylite Ez has a nice appearance as well with really nice color combinations, which definitely has people at the golf coarse asking us where we got it. Being that it is not the most popular push cart on the market, its competitors the Clicgear, Tour Trek and Sun Mountain, are all nice and quality push carts but the best we have found was the Caddytek.

Cons of the Caddytek Caddylite Ez

Not that there are many cons of the Caddytek Push Cart, but most people will end with the cons and we want to start with the few things we might change. First off, the foot brake on the push cart. Maybe it is just us, however feel that the foot brake on a push cart can be very frustrating when trying to lock up your cart on a hill, quickly or when we are really mad and want to stomp on it so everyone else on the golf course knows were mad! The placement is just inconvenient, think that a hand brake may be the best solution but it is not the end of the world, hence the reason we still chose this as our favorite. Umbrella holder location, may also need some adjustment…have a large umbrella and we have users who are 6ft and 5 ft 10 in and had a few occasions where the umbrella got in way, maybe we are just too tall, but if you are shorter than us, don’t think it will be a issue, or just don’t play in the rain!

Pros of the Caddytek Caddylite Ez

Starting with the nice color combinations you can choose from, the layout and overall sleek look of the Caddylite push cart, makes it a easy choice. The pieces are sturdy and lite weight, and with the weight of the golf bag, feels very balanced uphills and down. The cooler on the lower region is very convenient and great placement keeping most items very much colder than outside, and we play most our golf in Southern Sunny California, where February and March we see the nice cool mid 80’s, I know, I know, you must hate us! Anyways, back to the review, the Caddytek folds up into a very nice and compact store-able size, which fits very nicely in our small trunk. Very easy to fold up and unload as well, with a one push button, and a quick wheel rotation, you are on your way. Drink holder is also a huge pro of the Caddytek push cart, holds my Smart Water very well as well as my Shaker Cup, which is a decent amount of water per nine holes. The Smart water, did fall however, when it was full all the way….but no big deal, just drink a little. Pouch and score card holder along with the little storage compartment, makes the adjustable handle very comfortable to walk behind. Last but not least, all of the accessory options that we have found for the push cart, makes it easily coolest golf push cart for the money. See the list below of accessory options and where to find.

Oh almost forgot, the best reason to get  a push cart, is all the money you save and exercise you put in. Average of 6 miles per golf course walked/played, and most of that is uphills and down. Not too mention the money you will save on cart rentals, our local golf club, saves me $10 per round, push cart paid for itself in no time!



Caddytek Carry Bag –



Optional Removable Seat –

Shoe Brush –

Where to buy: – If you are in a hurry like most of us Caddytek Caddylite EZ

Costco – If you can find and are allowed inside (have membership) – If you don’t mind bidding, or even a used option – if you are feeling lucky

Somewhere else online….if you found this, you probably know how to find it!







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