Best Golf Training Aids 2016

Best Golf Training Aids 2016

When looking for the best golf training aids this 2016, look no further! We have a put a simple list of some great golf training aids to improve your golf game this year. Whether you are trying to fix your swing or your putting stroke, these tools will help you tighten your game, and shoot lower scores. For high handicappers to the scratch golfer, everyone is interested in improvement. The best golf training aids will help you improve your golf swing, make more putts and overall shoot lower scores. Use the golf improvement aids that the professionals use to play your best golf this 2016!


Golfnsticks Alignment SticksGolf Training Aid used by PGA Golf professionals and instructors. Golf Alignment Sticks are the #1 Training Aid Used By Pro’s. Learn proper alignment with these Fiberglass Golf Alignment Rods, many drills found online, youtube, etc. Hit more greens and fairways with these golf alignment sticks. Improve your putting. Improve your scores. These are 40″ x 5/16″ Deluxe Golf Alignment Rods, they have custom 1-1/2″ caps on sharpened end 1″ on unsharpened end to protect you and your clubs. NEW! 3 Sliding Grommets for consistent foot and ball position! Better than collapsable rods which may not be straight. Sliding Grommets for consistent ball position, width of stance, length of backswing and follow through on putting stroke, Many drills can be found online visiting



Skilz Smash Bag – The Skilz Smash bag impact trainer for learning the correct clubface impact. Target map provides visual feedback on the quality and accuracy of impact. Helps eliminate fat and thin shots and cure slices; easy-to-interpret target. Heavy-duty, high-impact material fills with old towels or clothes. Perfect safe for you and your club; ideal in combination with other trainers. Smash Bag Impact Trainer… Practice, Play, Win! SKLZ Smash Bag Impact Trainer Features: Teaches the feeling of the correct impact, eliminates fat and thin shots, and helps cure slices. Proprietary target map provides visual feedback on the quality and accuracy of impact. Quickly fills with towels or clothes. Use it at home or on the range. Perfectly safe for you and your clubs. Heavy duty high-impact material and zipper. Product dimensions: 10.5″ h x 15″ w x 15″ d. Practice Your Way To Better Golf! Great golf training aid!

The InsideMove Stick – The InsideMove – Indoor and Outdoor Golf Swing Trainer… Learning the proper approach to the ball can mean everything to your golf swing. With this unique training tool, you will learn how to approach the ball from inside the target line eliminating slices, improving accuracy and achieving greater distance. It is estimated that over 85% of all golfers cross the target line at impact on an “outside-to-inside” swing path, the main reason for pulls, slices and poor distance. With the InsideMove at your feet helping guide your swing properly, you will avoid frustrating golf shots. Teaches correct club head & hand groove your Swing Plane. Teaches correct alignment to the target – teaches a correct and repeatable putting stroke. Teaches you to hit a draw – much longer drives – consistency – accuracy. Eliminate pulled shots – swing like the pros – learn the InsideMove. Best money you will ever spend to score better – improve your golf swing – guaranteed!


5 Footer Golf Training Aid – The 5Footer Putting Aid rolls up and conveniently fits into a small tube so you can carry it in your suitcase or golf bag. Now your can practice anywhere there’s a putting practice area. It is made of vinyl which makes it lightweight and ready for any weather condition. You now can putt on the actual green instead of practicing on artificial turf which , of course, gives you a much more realistic practice experience. Using the 5Footer gives you immediate feedback on your putting stroke. The 5Footer putting aid is designed to help you groove your putting stroke giving you the confidence to putt with authority every time. It is easy to re-position when you practice right to left of left to right putts. Stop 3-putting and start astonishing your friends as you sink putt after putt.






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