Best Golf Gifts 2016

Best Golf Gifts 2016

One stop for the best golf gifts this 2016! We have comprised a list of the best gifts for any golfer and for any budget. From golf gadgets to game improvement, whether the golfer is a weekend only, high handicapper, or the avid country club member who is always looking to improve, these gifts will not only improve their game and experience but give you peace of mind, knowing you got them something that they really wanted and can actually use.

While looking for the best gift to give your golfer, you want to consider the amount you would like to spend on the gift, how much golf, your golfer actually has time for, and what they will USE, this being the key factor of our list. We want to give gifts that they will actually use, and benefit from, rather than just collect dust, next to the old bucket of golf balls. Scroll down to see our complete list of the best golf gifts 2016.

Please be sure to see our list of Gifts for Golfers this 2016, assorted by price range to fit your budget. We hope you find this list useful for your Christmas gift giving or birthdays/Parent Day, or whatever occasion you see best to reward your golfer! Also, be sure to check our other posts and pages when looking for the best golf balls this 2016! Best Golf Ball Brands 2016.

Hot Tech Golf Gifts 2016

    • Game Golf Live Tracking System – Winner of a 2016 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for ‘BEST GAME ANALYZER’, GAME GOLF LIVE is the world’s first automatic, real-time shot tracker for iPhone, Android and Smartwatch platforms. Track your on course performance and view every shot you hit instantly on your phone to pinpoint where your strengths and weaknesses lie. See how far you hit every club in the bag and monitor your tendencies off the tee and on approach. Compete for bragging rights with friends and challenge other golfers around the world to earn prizes and accolades. Great gift for any golfer looking to improve their golf game.

    •  Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide CoursesApproach S2 is a stylish and comfortable GPS golf watch with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver giving precise yardage to the front, back and middle of greens. The S2 has the ability to measure shot distances and a course odometer. It’s similar to our popular Approach S1 model, but the S2 takes it up a notch with layup and dogleg distances and a digital scorecard. Great gift for the tech savvy golfer, looking to get distances to the greens.

    • Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band – Approach X40 GPS golf band and daily activity tracker combines more than 40,000 preloaded courses with Elevate wrist Heart rate technology and smart notifications to connect with your healthy lifestyle. Sleek and lightweight, this versatile Wristband shows precise distances to the front, back and middle of each Green, as well as hazards. Auto shot tracking measures your shot distances and auto records for post-round analysis and mapping on your Garmin connect account. Plus, smart notifications let you monitor incoming calls, texts, calendar notifications, app Alerts and more -right on your wrist. When paired with a compatible smartphone. Activity Tracker, shot tracker, and GPS…this gift will make any golfer happy.

  • GolfBuddy VS4 Golf GPS– Introducing the newly improved GolfBuddy VS4 from the best selling golf GPS on Amazon, the GolfBuddy Voice. The VS4 is a simple distance measuring device. With one click of a button, you can hear the distance to the front/center/back of the green. The versatile VS4 can be used to clip on your cap or belt. Use the optional accessories to wear it on your wrist or attach to your gear with the retractable clip. Easy to use, great gift for any golfer.

  • Bushnell NEO XS Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch– Bushnell Neo XS GPS Watches Thin & Comfortable with Long Battery Life! Bushnell Neo XS GPS Watches features: Ready to play right out of the box. Comfortable sports band is thin and lightweight. Preloaded with 33,000+ courses in over 30 countries. No membership fees, no downloads. Auto course/auto hole recognition. Round odometer and shot distance calculator. Hazard/layup distances (up to 4 per hole). Easy-to-read front/center/back distances to the green as well as one button shot distance measurement. Non-golf features: Standard watch functions, odometer and alarm. Long battery life – play 3 rounds before charging. Comes with USB cable to charge the unit via a USB port. Waterproof to 10m. Legal for tournament play. 1-Year Limited Warranty Bushnell… The #1 Choice Of Professional Golfers! Great GPS  and gift this 2016!

  • OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator– The World’s #1 Golf Simulator now for Mac or PC. Use your own clubs to hit real or foam golf balls and play and practice on world-famous courses. Windows System Requirements: Windows® Vista, 7, 8 or 10, Graphics Card: 256MB available Adapter RAM with OpenGL 2.0 support and the latest Video Drivers, 3GB HDD Storage, 4GB RAM, USB 2.0 por Mac System Requirements: Mac® OS X 10.8, Intel® Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT or ATI RadeonTM HD 2600 or Intel Iris Pro or better, OpenGL 2.0 Support, 3GB HDD Storage, 4GB RAM, USB 2.0 Port. Have some room for a mini simulator, then this is the gift for the dedicated golfer, who cannot get out to play enough!

  • Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS -Features:Preloaded with 33,000+ courses. Long battery life – Play 3 full rounds before recharging. Auto course recognition. Auto hole advance. Easy-to-read front/center/back distances. Hazard distances – Up to 4 per hole. Easy-to-use interface. Multi-function clip and USB charging cable included.

    Best Golf Game Improvement Gifts 2016

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green – Hone your putting skills with this fun 3-by-9-foot putting green. The kidney-shaped green’s three cups give you plenty of practice targets, while the built-in sand traps are designed to catch missed shots. The green also offers a high-quality putting surface designed to stay smooth over time. Nice gift for the golfer looking to improve their putting!

Genuine EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror – The Putting Alignment Mirror is a small mirror that is great for checking your setup on the green. Keep it in your bag and use it for practice or warm up before a round. Highly portable and great for checking your setup on the green. Poor alignment is the major cause of missed putts. Using the Putting Alignment Mirror will create confidence on the green. Has slots for the Gate Drill. Perfect alignment to your target and see your eyes over the ball. Great gift for every golfer, easy to use and take with you to the golf coarse!

Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor – Pelz putting tutor (used and endorsed by Phil mickelson) will help you improve your green-reading skills as you simultaneously learn to make consistently better putting strokes. The feedback the putting tutor provides takes the mystery out of missing putts and will help you become a better PUTTER! pelz putting tutor will help you: improve green reading, square your PUTTER face, verify eye position, and putt like the pros. The putting tutor’s special features: designed to Identify the putts you strike squarely and start rolling on-line, putting tutor features a guide line to help aim your putt on the exact chosen line for your putt, the tutor’s eye position stripes allow you to verify consistent eye position at address, consistent eye position is necessary for great putting fundamentals, the tutor’s flat back edge helps you square your PUTTER face at address. The putting tutor has two marbles at its front edge, which tell you whether or not you’ve just made a “pure strike” and started a putt on line. If your putt dislodges a marble, it means your ball started off-line. This is good feedback because: you cannot learn how much a putt breaks if you hit it poorly, you need to know which of your strokes start putts on line vs. Off line, you’ll learn to consistently groove a reliable “pure-stroke” putting stroke, 3 different marble Gate positions (standard, Pro and super Pro) green-reading help: learn how much putts break simply by adjusting the aim of the putting tutor higher or lower, until well struck putts go in. Awesome golf gift for the low handicap golfer looking to really dial in their putting!

TIBA Putt – Putting Aid for Golf – Portable Golf Putting Alignment and Aim Practice Training Tool – TIBA Putt is a putting training aid that focuses on the impact zone. The 2? before and the 2? after striking the ball are the most critical 4? of your short game. This zone impacts getting the ball started on line and rolling true. TIBA Putt helps you correct stroke flaws within this zone so you can putt your best. TIBA Putt has a 2 piece design that is secured with regular tees allowing it to work with all putter types. Putting training aids largely focus on changing your entire putting stroke. We had to ask the question. Why change areas of your swing that have no impact on the result? We set out to design a putting training aid that can help your golf game while maintaining the personality of your swing regardless of your putting swing style. What we created was TIBA Putt. Easy to use, great gift for every golfer!

PuttAlign / World Class Golf Putting Aid – Practice your short putts like a pro! Your eye line should be right over the ball and line up with the alignment rod. 4″ backswing and 4″ follow through maximum on short putts. Keep your putter head close to the ground. Rock your shoulders with a one piece take away and follow through. Your head should remain still during the putting motion. Great Tool, awesome golf gift!

Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid – Tired of practicing your swing for weeks on end with nothing to show for it? Turn to the Swingyde golf training aid, which helps you achieve greater distance and accuracy each time you step on the course. The Swingyde works intuitively, with a clip that attaches to the shaft of your club on one end, and a built-in rest that touches your left forearm on the other. The rest encourages your wrist to cock properly during the swing, helping improve your swing plane, swing tempo, clubface alignment, impact position, and follow through. Now you can know what it feels like to swing like a pro. The Swingyde is lightweight and easy to attach, and works for both right- and left-handed golfers.

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer 47 Adult – Intuitive by design, The Orange Whip Trainer combines a counterweighting system and flexible shaft that work together to promote the natural golf swing motion unique to each individual. Consistent use of the Orange Whip Trainer will greatly improve the rhythm and balance of your golf swing and provide an essential core muscle workout. It simulates a driver motion for adults and is designed for men and taller women. It weighs 1.75 pounds and its length is 47.5 Inch. Voted the best training by The Orange Whip Trainer is considered the best warm up tool on the market. Selected as the #1 Golf Training Aid by Weighted and counterweighted swing training aid perfect for pre-round warm up.Flexible shaft and counterweighted system designed to enhance swing rhythm and balance and synchronize arms with the body. Weighted and counterweighted system enhances core fitness and flexibility. Handcrafted in the USA with quality and durability as a top priority. Great tempo trainer for any golfer, awesome gift for the holidays!


POCKET BUNKER – We partnered with a South African inventor who created quite an amazing yet simple product – a golf ball that feels like you’re hitting out of sand. If you golf, landing in a bunker is never your favorite part of the day. It’s always a tricky shot, and the fact that we rarely get to practice these shots doesn’t exactly help matters. We’re happy to say that those days are over. The Pocket Bunker allows golfers of any level to practice sand shots on any surface, anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s in your backyard on a lazy Sunday or next to the practice green before a round of 18, now you can hone your bunker game on your terms. Developed for over five years and tirelessly tested by professional golfers, the Pocket Bunker is finally ready to help the golf masses get in and out of the sand just like the pros! Add to your cart right now to begin improving your game or make it the perfect gift for a golfer you know! Great gift for the golfer needing help in the bunkers!

Orange Peel Balance Trainer – Orange Peel Balance Trainer. The Perfect Foundation for All Your Swing Training Needs! The Peel has a concave surface so your stance naturally finds its center and balances your core while simultaneously providing the flexibility to replicate a variety of golf course lie angles. Orange Peel Balance Trainer features: * Concave shape engages your body into a natural stance * Recreates all possible slope conditions on a golf course * Promotes a proper rotating golf swing * Prevents lateral swaying * Effectively adjusts your swing plane * Perform 2-3 sets, 10-15 reps per set for results * Dimensions: 44″ x 24″ Total Game Improvement! The Orange Peel Balance Trainer is a great golf gift for the golfer that has EVERYTHING!

Golf Swing Plane Perfector Golf Training Aid – Golf Swing Plane Perfector Golf Training Aid The Perfector was born out of a chance encounter between a PGA Teaching Pro and an engineer on his first golfing lesson. The Pro, a thinking man, who regards golf in an almost religious way, searched for an easy precise drill or teaching aid to move the golf club on the back swing from an address position into the position where the left arm is parallel to the ground; whilst keeping the club head travelling ON PLANE. The troubled Pro knew there should be a better way and duly spoke to the client, an engineer, regarding some sort of device. The engineer noticed that sticking alignment sticks in the ground was less accurate than it might be and, of course, they could not be used in the indoor range. The engineer took up the challenge and between the two of them the Perfector was born 9 Months later. Although the gestation time was the same as a human embryo, the Perfector is a whole lot quieter at night. A portable swing plane training aid. High End Golf training aid! Looking for the best gift, this one is pretty high quality!


Golf Gloves

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf GloveAll Leather Constructions: Great Feel, Fit & Durability. Perforations On Palm, Fingers And Thumb: Moisture Reduction & Increased Breathability. Opti Fit Adjustable Closure: Thin, Light & Secure Fit. Cotton Terry Cuff: Soft Feel & Moisture Absorption. Great Stocking stuffers for all golfers!

Golf Travel Equipment

Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover – Izzo Golf’s Padded Travel Cover is perfect for your basic transport needs. The padded soft case is lightweight and includes a durable vinyl base for added protection. The padded carry strap offers comfort while carrying over your shoulder. This case expands to 50″ tall and collapses to 7.5″ for easy storage once you’ve reached your destination. Includes a business card holder for identification. Good Gift for any golfer who likes to take their clubs with them when they travel.

Bag Boy Backbone Travel Cover Support System – The Bag Boy Backbone Travel Cover Support System is made of Hardside/Aluminum. Three telescoping section easily collapse and expand for preferred protection length, adjusts up to 54 inches and collapses to 23.25 inches for easy storage. Oversized and durable polypropylene top cap for maximum club protection. Lightweight aluminum tuping wont add weight to your travel bag. 3 telescoping sections, adjusts up to 54″ and collapses to 23.25″ for easy storage. Simple push button to adjust length. Oversized Top Cap for maximum club protection. Great gift to go with a golf travel bag!

CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 Golf Travel Bag Cover – CDX-10 Heavy Duty Golf Travel Bag Cover with Wheels & Adjustable Compression Straps to Keep Clubs Secure. Ultra-Durable 600D Nylon Construction. Heavy-Duty Curb Rails. In-Line Skate Wheels for Easy Rolling. Heavily Padded on Top to Protect Club Heads. Lockable Zippers (with optional TSA lock not included) Top quality golf travel bag, also makes a great gift this 2016!

Golf Belts

Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt -Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt 40mm Solid Collection – The Mission Belt is an evolution in belt design, style and function. The belt is sleek and clean, and provides a perfect fit for everyone. With no holes to stretch or wear over time, your genuine leather belt always looks great. Not only is it the best belt ever manufactured, it’s comfortably priced as well. The tip of the belt inserts into the ratchet belt buckle, where a locking mechanism holds the belt in place from the back. To remove the belt, just press the small metal lever on the bottom of the buckle, and the belt slides out of the buckle. You’re no longer restricted to 1 inch size adjustments, but can get a perfect custom-fit every time. Not only will you look good, you’ll feel good too, because a DOLLAR from every Mission Belt sold goes to help hungry families worldwide become self-sufficient. It’s a hand up and not a handout. There is more than enough food for everyone, and you can check out many of our worthy Mission Belt funds recipients through our Kiva profile. This is the belt that you saw on the hit series Shark Tank & Beyond the Tank with a partnership with fashion mogul Daymond John. Thanks for being a part of The Mission! Stocking stuffer or regular gift, these belts are fashionable and have a great cause!

Under Armour Men’s Webbed Belt – Customizable sizing (instructions on package). Fits up to a Men’s size 42. Metal UA logo embossed buckle with bottle opener on the back. Many Colors to Choose From. Your golfer love Jordan Speith? Under Armour golf belts make a great gift!

PGA TOUR Men’s Perforated Fashion Color Silicone Belt – Golf Belt, nice style with many colors! Great gift for any golfer!

Nike Men’s Tech Essentials Web BeltNike Men’s Tech Essentials Web Belt. One size fits most up to size 42 belt color matches back to Nike polo shirts. Nice add on gift for the Nike loving golfer in your family!


AKTIVX SPORTS Golf Belt – Voted The #1 Golf Gift of 2016 – Top Golf Clothing & Accessories for Golfers – One Size Fits All Sweat Proof, Waterproof Golf Equipment Belt – UPGRADE YOUR BELT with the Golf Belt by AKTIVX SPORTS. A unique and trendy solution for golfers of any age or experience level. Our belt solves a common problem that every golfer faces when playing a round on the course or practicing your swing at the driving range. Let’s face it, golf is an active sport and you are bound to sweat, spill beer on your pants or perhaps even play a few holes in the rain. With the Golf Belt by AKTIVX SPORTS, you will never have to worry about having an uncomfortable and wet leather belt staining your favorite pair of golf pants or weighing you down on the fairway. Our belt is sweat proof, waterproof, durable yet lightweight and hassle free. The Golf Belt comes in neon colors that you might see Rickie Fowler wearing or you can tone it down a bit with our popular Brown, Black, Grey or Gator Skin Black. The GOLF BELT by AKTIVX SPORTS is the perfect Golf Gift for any Golfer: . They fit almost everyone, as long as you wear a size 40″ pant or below, then they are guaranteed to fit! Just like our #1 Selling Golf Product on Amazon (AKTIVX GOLF LACES). You simply open the box, remove the buckle using the built-in clamp, measure the strap to fit your waist, and then trim the belt with a pair of scissors for the perfect fit. You will never worry about your belt again, which means you will spend more time golfing and less time worrying about your golf equipment. Made entirely of Environmentally Friendly Recycled Materials: Our belt is a sustainable, fresh, and innovative alternative to the common belt made from highly durable eco-friendly plastics. UPGRADE YOUR BELT TODAY!!! Our Golf Belt is designed to fit both men, women, and youth golfers. Be sure to show off your new belt to all your buddies and let them know where you bought it! Awesome golf gift this 2016!

Volver Cool Rubber Golf Belts – Volver Cool Rubber Golf Belts are great belts for any occasion. Interchange colors for a cool effect. Completely adjustable, washable, and eco-friendly. No need to take it off for metal detectors either. The best belt you’ll ever own. Fits any size waist up to 43″. Great Golf belts, makes a great gift!

Golf Shoes

DAWGS Men’s Golf Spirit Shoes – DAWGS Men’s Golf Spirit Shoes are designed for golfing with comfort in mind. Combining style and function, DAWGS has designed the world’s lightest golf shoe. These men’s golf shoes are made of high-quality EVA that is ideal for absorbing shock and protecting your heels and foot. Golfing performance is enhanced by the Golf Spirit Shoe’s nine strategically placed, molded rubber spikes embedded in rubber/EVA out soles. There is an adjustable hook and loop fastener and ventilation holes to keep your feet cool and comfortable allowing you to wear them with or without socks. Plus they come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for casual golfers! Unique golf gift!

Nike Men’s Lunar Control 4 Golf ShoeNike Men’s Lunar Control 4 Golf Shoe. UPPER: Soft mirage synthetic with Nikeskin frame for optimal ball touch and feel. Anatomical x1 last delivers glove-like fit. MIDSOLE: Anatomical sock liner amplifies the natural foot shape and creates low-profile cushioning. OUTSOLE: Pebax chassis with agility traction stud pattern delivers unrivaled agility, comfort and durability on artificial grass surface. Rory Fans!!! Great golf gift! Hot Item!


adidas Men’s Adicross V Golf Spikeless Shoe – adidas Mens adicross V Golf ShoesClassic adidas Design For On And Off The Golf Course! The adidas adicross V golf shoes are comfortable and versatile with a classic adidas design. Water-resistant uppers keep your feet warm and dry in any condition, combined with a spikeless outsole with traction lugs that are friendly on the greens and versatile enough to wear off the golf course.adidas Mens adicross V Golf Shoes feature: * climastorm water-resistant leather and suede upper in classic adidas design * Lightweight cloudfoam sockliner provides ultra-light cushioning and comfort * adiWEAR abrasion resistant rubber outsole provides full-length spikeless traction, comfort and off-course versatility * Spikeless puremotion outsole uses 72 strategically placed traction lugs for green-friendliness, optimal grip, and wear anywhere versatility * Lightweight EVA sock liner for long lasting comfort * 90 Day Comfort Guarantee adidas Golf…Geared For More! Nice golf gift!













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