Best Golf balls for 2016

If you are looking for the latest golf balls of today, it much better to use the term “soft”, which is more universal instead of white. According on the survey conducted by Golf Datatech, in golf-ball playability, sense of touch was one of the most important factors over distance, spin and durability. But for the best golf players of the world, it does not matter at all. The following are the top golf balls used by the best players this 2016:


Through the years, Bridgestone Golf accomplished more than quarter millions of live launch monitor fittings right from the start of the program of goal ball fitting. Such feedback coming from the testing assisted Bridgestone to develop excellent kinds of golf balls on each kind of golfer as well as newest series of golf balls names as E while it reflects with ongoing efforts in order to fit the best suited golf ball on every golfer.

Right now, their latest top of the line golf ball is Tour B330 as well as B330S wherein S stands for higher type of model. These two are specifically made for players along with tour pro-level swing type of speed, approximately 105 and beyond


One of the most awaited golf ball this year is Titleist NXT tour, which stays to be one of the best-performing ball, delivering low spin during long shots along with its solid control during shorter shots. With this, its multi-component sphere highlight big dual core which have soft center.

On the other hand, NXT Tour introduces new texture along with its high level of performance. “S” in its name simply stands for soft since it has reformulated core. It also features its Fusablend cover and even its octahedral dimple design.

Meanwhile, Pinnacle Soft is additionally distance demon however it provides softer feel with its dynamic and even low compression core. That core do combine soft ionomer cover that generate the best soft feeling Pinnacle which was ever made.

As a matter of fact, Hana Jang, one avid fan of Titleist golf balls, survived foul weather and talented field so she could capture her very first LPGA Tour Victory right at the Coates Golf Championship. Other top ranking LPGA, PGA and even European Tour golfers who are using Titleist are Louis Oosthuizen, Bubba Watson, Luke Donald, Stacy Lewis and Lee Westwood with Titleist Pro V1x.


There’s no way that Callaway will never continue its aggressiveness on pushing its topnotch ball in the market along with its new Superhot 55 balls and Chrome Soft. With that, Phil Mickelson is one of the pro players who is known to be utilizing similar prototype of the Chrome Soft model right on tour.

Chrome soft, 4-piece golf ball lets us know one proprietary Dual type of SoftFast Core that leads on quick ball speeds off driving for an unimaginable distance. Also, its core allows various golfers to compress the ball into iron shots for long and straight flight. In addition to this, it also include Tour Urethane and mantle layer for a good control on the whole bag particularly on the scoring clubs. Ernie Els along with high ranking players of LPGA Sandra Gal and Morgan Pressel played Callaway Hex Black Tour but Jim Furyk opted Callaway HBT Dot.


Once you’ve heard of Oncore, you must be aware that it is one, small company, which managed to develop their tiny ideas into big realities way back then and that is a golf ball, which have hollow metal core. There are rumors that sooner, it will show off new piece named as Avant that features soft core as well as long distance.

Nike Golf

RZN Tour ball surprised the whole world as Rory Mcllroy, Nike staff player announced that it offers him excellent combination of feel and distance.

It is basically made out of RZN 4.0, which is the latest iteration of the RZN material of the Nike, its blue center core boast not only its soft side however, 10% larger than the former generation. In that case, this provides the ball enough amount of the bigger engine while unlocking quicker ball speeds. Its core employs Speedlock X Technology and with deeper grooves as well as its X-shaped surface pattern.

Wilson Staff

Wilson Staff is one of the greatest names ever known when it comes with American sports equipment. These days it is striving hard in order to grab again its popularity. Right now, it adds right on its Duo ball lines the Duo Urethane. It is known as a 55-compression model, which accompanies 29-compression type Duo along with 35-compression type of Duo spin.

In connection with this, it bills new 3-piece model being the softest urethane ball on the whole wide world. It is being tailored for those players who likes to maximize the distance. It also takes pride with its soft and thin urethane cover , which is also known as most superior material , providing amazing control and spin within approach shots.

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