Save Money on golf

10 Ways to Save Money on Golf

10 Ways To Save Money on Golf

Golf is expensive! So why not try to save money on golf whenever you can? Tee times, golf balls, tees, polos, shorts/pants, golf shoes, golf clubs….and much more all add to the expenses of golf. As avid golfers, who are playing as much as we can, we have come across a couple of ways to save money on golf, that can benefit everyone. Read over our top 10 ways to save on golf and please let us know what you think in the comments section.

    1. Tee Times – The first but obvious cost we need to address first when we are trying to save money on golf. To start saving money on tee times, we would recommend checking for their “hotdeals” which can save you a lot of money on some courses. In some cases up to 75% off the rack rate. Also, check the golf course website to see if they offer any deals or better promotions by booking through their website.
    2. Get a Push or Pull cart – This is a great way to save money and get some exercise in as well. With a average of 4 miles per course, with hills and valleys, you definitely will have your days work in. Especially pushing or pulling a 50 to 60 pound golf bag/golf cart. At most courses you will save a minimum of $10 per round that you walk vs. ride. Might even help your golf game a little more. They say it helps concentration, giving the golfer time to think about next shot and forget about last one!
    3. Refurbished or Used Golf Balls – If you are a hacker and lose multiple golf balls per round, you not only are breaking windows, your are eating a hole in your wallet. Why not save a little money on golf balls as well? Used or Refurbished golf balls can be half the cost and most golfers cannot tell the difference. Unless you are playing for money and can dedicate a few days a week to your game, saving some money on your golf game by using refurbished or used golf balls can save you quite a few dollars per round.
    4. Get a Golf Ball Retriever – For $10 to $30 you can get a quick return on your investment by hanging out by the lake, over that long par 3. Grab a couple of Pro V1’s and you have not only paid your self back but are in the green! If you really enjoy hunting golf balls, get your scuba gear and scour the lake, those guys can make quite a living. Here is a popular one on

    1. Player Development Programs – Look for Player programs at your local courses. Many golf courses offer a monthly membership type options, which gives you discounted green fees or unlimited access to range and other ways to play a lot of golf and still save money.
    2. Play Early or Play Late Golf – Look for early bird specials or late specials which can be reduced greatly by playing when other people do not want to play as much. Many times you can get the golf course all to yourself. Especially if you are playing solo, you can play usually much faster while saving money on golf as well.
    3. Play Solo Golf – Get some alone time and go play 18 holes by yourself, and save! It can be very meditative as well, with the much needed peace an quiet your will be getting. Look for 1 person golf deals, along with walking with your golf push cart, you will be getting a real fat wallet!
    4. Drive For Deals – If gas is fair priced and you don’t mind a little road time, some of the best deals are just a long drive away, while saving money and playing new courses!
    5. Used Golf Equipment – Save money by playing last years model or even a 6 month old model! Used golf equipment at your local golf shop or golf course, can be much, much cheaper than buying new! So if having the latest Driver or Irons, doesn’t matter too much to your golf game, then play used!
    6. Practice More – So this ultimately will save you in every way! You will get better and play better, which in turn will make you happier with your golf game. As well as saving you money, by losing less golf balls and breaking less tees. Or from breaking that putter after missing your 3rd strait 3 footer. The more you practice like you play, the more you will play like you practice!

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